Frequently Asked Questions

Can Wheels Be Widened or Narrowed?

We can add up to 1/2" per beadlock, as long as it has not already been beadlocked. The maximum a wheel can be narrowed depends on the wheel mfg and dimensions but we typically see 3/8 inches can be removed on the outside of the wheel and up to 1-1 1/2 inch on the inside of the wheel, depending on the wheel manufacturers. Please call before you order if custom back spacing is needed.

Can my wheels be double beadlocked?

It all depends on wheel design/backspace. Please look at our technical section for your wheel model/backspace. If you have any questions, CALL TO DISCUSS.

Can I drop ship my wheels to Mac Fab?

Yes, but please call ahead with your order information, and make sure your name and contact information are somewhere on the box. We normally ask our customers to send the wheels directly to us with attention to their name.

Whats typical turnaround on shipped in wheels?

The turnaround time is currently two to three business days for 15" & 16". You should receive your wheels back a week and a half from sending them in.

Can I drop my wheels off and wait?

Yes, but please call ahead to make an appointment.

Will I clear my brakes?

Our beadlock ring has an ID of 13.5", you must have less than 6.75" from center of axle, to outmost portion of caliper. Call us to discuss any other questions.

What do I torque my bolts to?

Use a 5/16" 12-Point Socket and torque to 20-22 fl/lb or 250 in/lb, after anti-seize has been applied to the threads.

How do I package and ship my wheels to you?

If you need boxes: Home Depot, Lowe's Hardware and Wal-Mart all have a "Medium" Heavy Duty moving box that is around 17" Cubed.

Once you have them boxed up, if you would like to handle shipping, send them to: 68 Colonial Ave, Goldston, NC 27252.

If you prefer us to send you shipping labels, e-mail or call and we can get them sent to you.