Mac-Fab Mounting Instructions Using Mac-Fab Beadlocks

Mac-Fab stresses the importance of properly mounting your tires to increase beadlock performance. Please read our step-by-step guide below to make sure safety and function aren’t an issue when racing.

Caution: Mac-Fab beadlocks are for spun, forged, or cast aluminum racing wheels only.

Mac-Fab assumes no responsibility for damage resulting from improper use of Mac-Fab beadlocks or careless installation techniques.

Mounting Step One

Tires should be mounted only according to good tire-mounting practices and on equipment designed for the tire industry.

Mounting Step Two

Before mounting the tires, lubricate the beadlock bolts with anti-seize.

Mounting Step Three

Seat the tire bead in the shoulder of the beadlock inner ring on the wheel.

Mounting Step Four

Install the outer ring. Tighten the bolts in a criss-cross pattern to ensure even pressure on the beadlocks.

Maximum torque should be:
20 ft/lbs 5/16” 12-point bolts

Mounting Step Five

The outer ring will flex to match the tire bead, and it should pull down to meet the inner ring.

Mounting Step Six

Re-torque the bolts after initial use.

Mounting Step Seven

Note that impact wrenches are not recommended for installing bolts due to the possibility of over or under tightening.  All bolts should be started by hand to avoid cross threading.