Mac-Fab Custom Beadlock Rings

Mac-Fab specializes in creating custom beadlock rings for those wanting to convert their standard drag racing wheels. Our custom beadlock rings aren’t all style. They greatly help reduce tire deflation due to extreme amounts of torque and traction during races. You choose the look you want, and we’ll weld it right to your current wheels. All of our custom beadlock rings can be singles or doubles. It’s recommended that you check with us for advice prior to sending your wheels in for double beadlocks. You also have the option to have them polished, powder-coated, or black anodized. Check out each beadlock ring individually below for further details.

Fast Eddie Pro Beadlock

We built our first set of Fast Eddies Pros for Dragzine’s James Lawerence, but our next Fast Eddie Pro set could be for you. These 15 or 16-inch Fast Eddie Pro beadlocks come polished and can be black anodized at no extra charge.


Slick Rick Beadlock

Mac-Fab’s Slick Rick drag racing beadlocks have a clean, classic look. These 15-inch rings are made polished but can be black anodized for $25. Slick Rick is the only ring style that can also be fiber-coated. The Slick Rick beadlock has the largest inside diameter to clear larger brake calipers. Ex.Wilwood If there is any question about your break caliper clearance this would be the best option.


Our Ordering Process

Just pick your desired beadlock style and add it to the cart. Be sure to complete all fields on the check-out page, especially the contact information. Your order will be emailed directly to us here at Mac-Fab. Then, print your order copy, and include it in the box with your wheels. Ship the box to us. Once we have completed your conversion, we’ll call you for payment and ship your finished product to you, and you’re ready to ride.